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What I Learned From Taking a Whole Year Off From Orange Theory Fitness

Taking a year off, we have all been there… a year off from running, cycling, lifting, or maybe just fitness in general. Well, for me I was once  a dedicated Orange Theory Fitness goer. For those of you who do not know what Orange Theory Fitness is, you can learn more about it here. Life happened, as it does, and I stopped going for almost an entire year – I took a year off. I enjoyed my time off from this type of workout and continued to do many other types of workouts, but nothing as intense as Orange Theory Fitness.

Well, almost one year later I decided to come back to this workout and here is what I learned from taking a whole year off from Orange Theory Fitness:

My Endurance has Suffered

Was running always this hard? Because I remember the days where I would run 3 miles in under 30 minutes at Orange Theory Fitness. Now I am struggling to run a straight mile. My endurance has truly suffered from my break. Especially, considering I am a past marathon finisher, this is incredibly frustrating. I am still struggling with getting my endurance back, but I can see a difference slowly but surely which leaves me feeling motivated to keep going!

My Base, Push, and All Out paces are Slower

In comparison to where I was a year ago my pace has suffered. Last year my paces were; 6.5 mph base, 8 mph push, and 9 mph all out and currently my paces are; 5.5 mph base, 7 mph push, and 8 mph all out. Again, so incredibly frustrating to be so much slower than I once was.

I Gained 10 Pounds

That’s right, in the span of a year of being away from Orange Theory Fitness, I gained 10 pounds! I actively still worked out during this time period, however, like I previously said I switched from doing something intense like Orange Theory to less intense workouts.

What I Learned in a Nutshell

As an avid Orange Theory Fitness goer I always knew that this was an effective workout, however, what I realized about taking a year off is just how effective it truly is. I am back at Orange Theory going regularly once again and I am more determined than ever to get back to where I once was and hopefully even stronger and faster than where I was a year ago.

Many of you may feel this way as well, not necessarily about Orange Theory Fitness, but as a whole about where you are today physically compared to where you were in the past. I can tell you that it is frustrating. I can also tell you it will take handwork and determination. However, I can also tell you that if you are motivated and dedicated you will get back to where you once were or very close!

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