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Learn to Live on Less – Less Money, Happier Life

As I approach my 30th birthday it has dawned on me that I am in the exact place I want to be. I am the happiest I have ever been and this is largely due to a career change. I made the switch from a full time digital marketer to a full time personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Quite a switch right? Well, important note in making this switch, I took a 50% pay cut. Ouch! While money is great to have, money is not everything and in general I see far too many people doing something they hate for a living.

Frankly I was one of these people who hated their job. There was a time when I worked for an agency when I would go home and cry every night due to the stress that was being put on me. I was a highly stressed person during this time and experienced:

  • Insomnia
  • Unhealthy eating
  • Unhealthy drinking
  • Weight gain
  • Moodiness
  • Conflict with others

I did not like who I was at this time in my life and it was 100% affecting my health. Well, The Universe decided to send me a sign. Sending me an opportunity for a full time training position. So, I made the leap of faith and decided that health and wellness was where my passioned laid and I would figure the whole money thing out. And I am happy to report I have!

I have happily learned to live with less stuff, but I am happier than ever! I actually look forward to work. I feel like I am making a difference everyday, helping others reach their goals and discover that they are physically capable of so much more than they think. My quality of life is the best it has ever been and I now make way less money.

Money Does Not Equal Happiness

How many of us can actually say that about our jobs? That we actually love what we do? That work doesn’t even feel like work because we love it that much? Not many sadly. You can change this. It will take some planning and adjusting, but we can all learn to live with less and make the career switch to be a happier person.

Learn to Live on Less – Simple Steps to Live on Less Money

learn to live on less

If you Make More Money You Will Spend More Money

Most of us think that we just need to make more money to live the life we want, but the reality is it will never be enough. No matter how much money you make you will always be after more because your are ultimately spending more. Learn to accept what you have is enough and learn to live on that amount.

Set a Budget

We have all heard this before, but it is incredibly eye opening to start by tracking your spending. You will quickly discover the areas in which you are spending money carelessly. Once  you have started tracking your spending you can now set a budget that works for you. When you set this budget remember to set aside money for savings, realizing that ‘leftover’ money is not necessarily fun money to spend however you want. Savings is important and it will set you up for success in life and protect you when unexpected expenses arrive, which they will at some point.

Wants From Needs

Yes you may want that latest designer purse, but do you really need it? No, you don’t. Far too often we confuse needs from wants and the reality is most things in life are wants not needs. Stop and think before every purchase, “Do I really need this?”

Make Small Changes

Making small changes in your home has the potential to save you major bucks over time. Somethings to consider that can add up overtime:

  • Switch from disposable single use paper towels and napkins to reusable options – This includes a one time cost upfront that will save you money over time.
  • Make your own household cleaners – Avoid buying store bought cleaners and opt instead to make your own by reusing a spray bottle, filling it with a mixture of water and vinegar. This is an all-purpose incredibly cheap cleaner that does it all.
  • Dine out less – Eating out adds up very quickly. Be mindful of how often you are dining out or ordering in. Do you best to cook more homemade meals.
  • Give up that daily coffee habit – No you don’t have to give up coffee, but instead begin making your own brew at home. Think about it, if you are spending $5 per day, 5 days per week on that caffeine fix that adds up to about $6,500 spent on coffee per year – ouch!

Live Happier on Less

Realizing that money is not everything is critical to happiness. Money is a necessity, but how much is really necessary? Likely not as much as you think. We simply need to make changes in our life to appreciate the things that are free and learn to cut back on our spending. Let’s all start to learn on less and experiencing more happiness.