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Keeping Your Mind Sharp

In honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month we wanted to give you some fun tips and tricks to keep your mind sharp. Remember keeping an active mind is just as important as keeping your body active. By challenging our minds, scientists have found that this may build new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them. Mental or brain exercises can also protect against accumulation of damaging proteins in the brains of folks with Alzheimer’s disease.

20 Activities to Keep Your Mind Sharp

  1. Puzzles – crosswords, chess, sudoko, etc.
  2. Take a different route to work/school/home
  3. Exercise – get your blood pumping every single day, even if it’s just a walk around the block
  4. Read – read the newspaper, read a book, etc.
  5. Write – write anything! Write down a to do list, start writing a novel, etc.
  6. Learn something new – take a class, teach yourself to knit, etc.
  7. Listen to music
  8. Get artsy – draw, paint, doodle, sculpt, etc.
  9. Good posture – aim to sit up straighter and maintain good posture everyday
  10. Get enough sleep – 7-8 hours is the golden number
  11. Eat well – think whole natural unprocessed foods
  12. Drink enough water – at least 8 glasses a day
  13. Manage and reduce stress – make meditation part of your everyday routine
  14. Remember a route – skip the GPS and try to remember how to get from point A to point B
  15. Cut down on screen time
  16. Mix up your morning routine – try doing things in a different order
  17. Eat new/unfamiliar foods – go to that new Indian restaurant and try something new!
  18. Memorize something new
  19. Do math in your head – try to solve 26×9 for example quickly in your head
  20. Limit alcohol

Active Body Active Mind

We hear the importance of daily physical activity, but keeping your mind active is just as important. Do something small today to help keep your mind sharp. Quick, what’s 125×75?!