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5 Tips for Winter Running

For those of us training for a race or those who simply enjoy running, winter running may present some unique challenges.

Here are 5 Tips for Winter Running


When it comes to winter running layers of clothing are essential. Keep in mind you can always take layers off, however, there is not much you can do if you underdress. When you get dressed for your run, plan for weather that is 15-20 degrees warmer than it actually is outside. Plan to be seen by wearing bright colors. Avoid white and gray colors during the winter months, as this will make it more difficult for others to see you.

Watch the Weather

Always check the weather before heading outside for a winter run. This will help you to avoid getting caught on a long run in hazardous weather conditions. If temperatures drop too low or if a severe winter storm hits, have a plan B. Plan on hitting the treadmill on those days where it is unsafe to be outdoors.

Winter Shoes

There are now special running shoes available that have been designed for winter running. Shoes like IceBug are made with special gripping materials and optional studs that will help to avoid slipping and sliding in icy conditions.

Warm Up

When the temperatures drop it is important to give yourself extra time to warm up. In cool temperatures our bodies take longer to get warm so be sure to compensate for this by briskly walking for at least 5 minutes before beginning your run.

Protect Your Hands, Face, and Ears

Extremities like your hands, face, and ears are prone to frostbite. Be sure to wear the appropriate gear including gloves, a hat, and a scarf to cover your face or a face mask. A face mask is a great option as it provides full coverage of your entire head.