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Orange Theory Fitness Thoughts You Will Have During Your Workout

“Oh man, where should I start”
Yep choosing where to start is a crucial decision, do I start on the treadmill or rower? This could really make or break my workout…I wonder which will be easier?

“Seriously, another push?!”
Another push…3 minutes long and on an incline…seriously?!

“Shit, they are going way faster than me”
As you row or run on the treadmill you can’t help but glance over to see what your neighbors are doing…as you notice they are going faster than you, you automatically step up your game to match or go even faster than them.

“I’m Dying.”
End of story, another Push to All Out will most definitely kill me.

“Holy crap, I am sweating a lot”
You may not have thought it was possible to sweat this much…but it’s definitely possible.

“I’m ridiculously jealous of that dude next to me that has a towel”
Comes without saying…but in addition to sweating a ton you will be wishing you had a towel to mop up some of that sweat throughout the workout. Even finding yourself incredibly jealous of those who were smart enough to bring one.

“Damn, I look strong”
As you look at yourself in the mirror while you do floor work, you start to realize the muscle, tone, and definition you have built up.

“I am a total badass”
Once you finish that last block, the overwhelming feeling of being a total badass comes over you because you just survived an incredibly awesome and intense hour long workout.

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