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It’s Cold Outside, How the Hell do I Still Get my Workout in?

Winter has arrived! The snow is flying and the wind chill is here to stay for the next few months. For many of us winter is the time of year when we begin to hibernate. Yep, that’s right we begin to barricade ourselves inside and avoid leaving the house at all cost. Sound familiar?

For most of us during these cold months, our outdoor workout regimens become a thing of the past…no more outdoor running or walking. No more leisure bike rides. As a result, many of us become more sedentary during the winter months. But we don’t have to! You can still get a good workout in and never have to leave the comfort of your home. Get cardio and strength training without ever having to brave the frigid temperatures.

Here are some simple indoor winter workouts:

Get Some Cardio in With Burpees!

Get ready to torch some calories from the comfort of your living room. While you are watching TV make an effort to do at least 5-10 burpees during every commercial break. You will burn approximately 1 calorie for every burpee you do. Learn how to do a burpee by checking out the video below.

Sculpt Lean Arms With Pushups

Build strength and sculpt lean arms without ever having to leave your home with pushups. Learn more about how to do a proper pushup and modifications to fit everyone’s fitness levels, check out the video below.

Work on Dat Booty With Squats

Squats are a great exercise for working on your booty, hips, and thighs, oh and best of all you can do squats literally anywhere! Learn how to do a perfect squat by checking out the video below.


Cold Temperatures are No Excuse for Not Working Out

Even if the temperatures are frigid, there is no excuse for not getting your workout in. There are tons of great exercises you can do from the comfort of your warm cozy home.