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Common Excuses to Skip Your Workout – Busted!

As a personal trainer in the corporate world I have heard countless excuses from clients to skip their workouts. Not only have I heard countless excuses, but I am 100% guilty of making excuses for skipping my own workouts…So, the next time your about to make an excuse to skip your upcoming gym sesh, find your excuse below. Feel busted. And just get your booty in and workout!

Common Excuses to Skip Your Workout

I forgot my gym clothes

Uh, so what? There are tons of things you can still do without your gym gear! Something is always better than nothing, remember that. You may just have to change up your workout plans. You may have to kick off those uncomfortable heels and work shoeless on mobility or if your shoes allow, simply walk on the treadmill. Again, any movement is better than no movement!

I don’t feel like

Let’s be honest…most of the time we make every imaginable excuse to avoid working out because we just don’t feel like doing it! Well, step back and think about your workout. Is it something you do enjoy? If not, find something else active to do! There are tons of things that count as a workout; biking, swimming, running, dancing, sports, etc. Mix it up. Find something you actually enjoy doing and end up looking forward to. Remember, you do not have to be in a gym in order to get a workout in.

I’m too stressed

If you are stressed you absolutely should be getting your workout in! Help release some of that steam by doing something good for yourself. Think of your workout as a “treat” to yourself for dealing with your screaming kids, crappy job, or whatever it may be that is stressing you out.

I’m tired and/or feeling sluggish

Moving more can help increase energy levels, making you feel more alert and awake. Much of the time you will leave your workout feeling alive and refreshed. However, I know the feeling of leaving a workout still feeling sluggish. This does happen. But remember, any movement is better than none! A bad workout is 100% better than no workout.

I don’t have time

This is one of the biggest excuses and I get a lot of eye rolls when I say this, but you have to make the time. If you don’t make your gym sesh a priority, it won’t be one. Schedule it in your calendar. Treat it like any other work or meetings, meaning it is a priority and cannot be missed. Yes, you may have to move things around and maybe you can only do a 30 minute workout on a regular basis. That is totally fine! Remember something is always better than nothing!

You only have one body in this life, make it a priority. Make yourself a priority. Make your health a priority. Stop allowing yourself to make excuses to not take care of yourself. Stop making excuses.

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