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Most Common Workout Excuses – I Want to Be Fit, but…

Almost all of use desire to have rock hard abs and have endless energy and stamina, but the problem is there is always a but…Common excuses or “buts” include being too busy, being too tired, being on a budget, etc. BUT, the problem is in order to live a healthier life and become more fit, you need to end the buts.

Here is your guide to ending the but:

“I want to get to the gym, but I am just too busy”

Sound all too familiar? We get it, we are all busy, BUT there are 24 usable hours in every day. Think about it this way, out of those 24 hours, can you honestly say you don’t have just 30 minutes to squeeze in a quick gym sesh?

“I want to lose some weight, but eating right is hard”

Wake up call, eating right 100% of the time is hard for everyone. Everyone struggles with temptations, but the important thing is that you aim to eat right most of the time. My favorite way to start on the road to eating healthier is to use an app to track what you are eating. If you have never tracked what you eat on a daily basis before, get ready to be amazed by how easily it is to take in more calories than you actually need.

“I want to get fit, but I hate working out”

You are not alone, many of us dread the thought of running on a treadmill or even stepping foot into a gym. Well, the trick is to make working out fun. Make it social, make a nightly walk or jog with friends part of your daily routine. Try out new alternative workouts like pole and aerial fitness. If you find yourself dreading your workout, this just means you need to mix it up and find something you actually enjoy doing.

“I want to be healthier, but it’s expensive and I am on a tight budget”

This is extremely problematic as taking fitness classes and eating right is expensive. Believe me, I know I spend far too much on a monthly basis on taking group fitness classes. However, there are some thrifty solutions:

  1. Take all of the free or trial classes you can
  2. Workout at home – there are tons of ways to get a good workout in your living room. Learn more about basic exercises you can do at home here.
  3. Go running, walking, or jogging outside – it’s free!
  4. Become a coupon clipper – watch your local grocery store’s ads to always shop what’s on sale for fresh produce
  5. Only shop the outer edges of the grocery store
  6. Go grocery shopping often – buy in small quantities to avoid anything from going to waste

Take Home Message to Ending the “But”

The important thing to realize is no matter what you can always come up with a but. Excuses to avoid working out or eating healthy is easy, far too easy. The hard part is to change your way of thinking…meaning no more excuses, just do it!


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