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Aerial Fitness Explained

You may or may have not noticed that the aerial fitness trend is hot right now. Whether it’s aerial yoga, aerial barre, or a basic aerial fitness class it’s becoming increasingly more popular. It is an adrenaline pumping alternative type of workout that will make you sweat, build muscle and will push you outside your comfort zone. Not only are the workouts challenging and will help you work towards your fitness goals, but it is fun! It is a workout that doesn’t necessarily feel like a workout.

What Exactly is Aerial Fitness?

So aerial fitness, what exactly does that mean? Simply put it means you are going to be in the air doing some badass moves. At least that is my definition of it. Most aerial fitness classes you will find in the area use hammocks which is a single piece of fabric tied up much like a hammock you would laze about on a hot summer day. Alternatively, you can find more circus type apparatuses used like; silks (which are similar to the hammock, but have two pieces of fabric hanging down from the ceiling, like what you would see in a Cirque du Soleil performance), lyra (looks like a big hula hoop hanging from the air), trapeze (static or flying), web (which is like a rope), and trampoline (technically not really aerial, but it will get you into the air!). The type of aerial apparatus you use and what studio you decide to go to will dictate what kind of a workout you will get.

Where Should I go for an Aerial Workout?

As an aerial fitness fanatic, we are so lucky to live in Minneapolis, MN where tons of studios are now offering some variation of aerial fitness and I would highly recommend for beginners to select a studio that offers a basic or intro class. Just to name a few:

Keep in mind the studios listed are just a few of my favorites that offer aerial classes.