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Now Trending: Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness, Making Fitness Sexy

Many of us become easily bored by traditional fitness…I know I am one of those people and that is why I am always looking for new and interesting workouts to help keep things interesting. Pole fitness is one of the latest and hottest trends in the fitness world, as you will notice more pole studios are popping up in most large cities.

What is it?

To start with, I probably know what you are thinking…is this like a stripping class? Nope! Well, that hard no would be a lie since there are tons of different types of pole class available. Some classes do specialize more in the dance and performance of pole while other classes are more trick and fitness based. You will find that most studios give you a breakdown of what to expect with each class. I recommend reading the class descriptions and choosing a class that is right for you. Whichever type of class you decide to choose be ready to get a workout in on a pole, which is probably a totally new piece of fitness equipment than you are used to.

What to Expect?

Pole Fitness

This is a tough question, as every studio is bound to be different, just like every instructor is unique. However, you can go into this experience, especially if this is your first pole class, to feel a bit uncomfortable. Most likely this type of class will push you outside your comfort zone, which trying anything new will ultimately do. Go into the experience ready to have fun, and be sure to respect your body and current experience level…I say this because there will likely be pole students in your class that are much more advanced. Try not to be intimidated by this, but view these more advanced students as inspirational…thinking that this is where you could be someday.

What do I Wear?

Like any other workout, you should wear something you feel comfortable in. I would say though that it is pretty standard for attendees of pole class to wear form fitting short shorts and a tight tank top. That is certainly not required though! Platform heels are also optional; again this will depend on the type of class you take. Most of the time you will do this workout barefoot.