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The Fanny Pack is Back!?!

Yes, I said it! The the fanny pack is back!

What?!? (Insert record scratch here.) This once “fashion faux pas” has hit the big time once again! Back on the fashion scene in all its glory and then some.  Gone are the days of bulky neon colored canvas pouches with tacky black adjustable belts that added the “muffin” in muffin-top! No silhouette could pull that hip (as in your  body–not “hip” like cool) bolster bag off as sexy. Replaced by a lean-looking accessory adorned “belt bags,” the new curve-hugging purse is considered a classy convenience for both men and women on the go.

The new and improved fanny is fashion-forward with interesting prints, luxury materials and decorative structure like stitching, zippers and fringe. Metallic mesh and leathers both classic and bold in color are most popular with women. For a night on the town, the more detail the more we like to wear it as fashion vs just function.

Let it be known that this stylin’ side-satchel is part of the outfit!

Worn and aged leather with slim pockets and phone attachments are what’s attracting the men. The more it looks like an old-school check book protector the better. There is a sense of nostalgic familiarity from our fathers and grandfathers that just feels “manly,” which is the opposite of the fanny pack’s predecessor.

On the fitness scene, they “fit belts” come in moisture-wicking fabric that blend in seamlessly with the top of yoga pants or running shorts. You can get your sweat on while keep your necessary items safely with you. Great for multitasking — I personally tuck my phone and keys in my fit belt and listen to conference calls while jogging in the park.

Amazon sells a wide variety of what they call waist belts.  And major designers such as Kate Spade and Michael Kors are producing their spin on belt bags too.  So if thinking about what summer accessory your going to invest in there options for tastes and budgets.

Send us your favorite belt bag and we will showcase it in the comments below!