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Glow like a Bride this Summer

Bridal season is in full swing! Online blogs and social media sites are in a frenzy to offer the latest “how to get glowing summer skin“. For my bride-to-be clients, this entails sending the barrage Pintrest pin pages of supple, sun-kissed bronzed looks they want to replicate on their big day. Dewy faces with heavenly highlights are the rave but most are “photo-filtered fails” for the average female.

And, the layers upon layers of makeup and extreme contouring techniques are just plain unrealistic for flash-photography on the face of a nervous-nelly bride sweating in the summer heat!

So, what is an actual attainable bronzed-babe bride look this summer? As a Makeup Artist, I have no alliance to a single brand and its theory of application.  In fact, I would call myself somewhat of a “makeup whore” when if comes to what products and techniques I use for fresh faced looks that are romantic yet softly dramatic for summer brides.

Without giving away my secret stash, here are some of my favorite products and techniques in a simple to follow tutorial by world-famous Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury. The best thing about this look is that you do not need to be a bride to rock it out. In fact, this is my go-to look for anything from brunching to boating!

So, Be Bronzed my fitness babes!