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Salty or Sweet – Beating Food Cravings

Food cravings, they are a very real thing…even though food cravings may get the rap for being something pregnant women get, we definitely all get them. Whether it’s for chocolate or big plate of french fries, we all know what it’s like to try and resist cravings. Some tricks for beating food cravings include:

When craving something sweet, try:

    • Drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It’s sweet, it’s chocolate, it’s delicious, and it’s normally very low cal.
    • Eating some fruit. With me this is honestly hit or miss, sometimes the sweetness in the fruit will do the trick, but other times it just doesn’t cut it.
    • Drink a big glass of water with a little low cal flavoring like Mio or Crystal Light, they are both sweet and drinking water can ultimately make you realize you are just thirsty not really hungry.
    • Try a stick of sugar-free gum. There are all kinds of sweet flavors that you can find and the motion of chewing and tasting something sweet may help you kick the craving for a big piece of ooey gooey cake.
    • Give in, well give in a little. Opt for a couple small pieces of dark chocolate, it’s good for your heart and can help kick that craving.

When craving something salty, try:

    • Salted nuts are a great option, just a small handful of nuts can help you curb this craving.
    • Plantain chips, one of my personal favorites! They are similar to dried bananas but are crunchy and salty instead of sweet. These are a great option to avoid regular ol’ chips.
    • Kale chips, these are incredibly easy to make and will help you kick that salt craving by ingesting very little calories, and kale is also loaded with tons of health benefits.
    • Hummus and veggies, the hummus can give you the salty taste your are craving and the veggies will give you that satisfying crunch!

When all else fails…just give in. I know when I am craving something really badly the best thing is just to give in and enjoy it in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, always remember that moderation is the key and sometimes beating food cravings means giving in to them.

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