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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Main Course Meal Prepping

Start With a Base

Now, when I say start with a base I literally mean start with something that will serve as a base for all the meals you plan to prep. I usually choose my carbohydrate as the base, for example I will cook a ton of rice, quinoa, or potatoes as my base.

Divide Your Base Into Three

Every week I always prep three main dishes. We have a household of four people and over time I have found that three main dishes will get us through the entire week with little to no waste by the end of the week.

Find Three Main Dish Recipes

Now that you have your base divided into three, select three main dish recipes to make, now is your time to do a little Pinterest homework to find your recipes.

Keep it Simple

Keep these as simple as possible. Think soups, casseroles, etc. Recipes that you can essentially set and forget while you get other things done around the house. I would highly recommend checking out some Instapot and slow cooker recipes.

Add Meal Prep to Your Schedule

I have gotten into a routine over the years that I normally wake up early on Sundays workout and then get my meal prep done before noon. Little too early for you? Not a problem you can do this whenever works for you. However, think of this time as non negotiable. It is like a work meeting you can’t move. Put it in your calendar and get it done – no excuses.

Get Creative

If you or your family gets bored of eating the same three things throughout the week get creative! Spice up your recipes by adding different fresh vegetables and/or adding new seasonings, the possibilities are really endless – you just have to get a bit creative.

Go Easy on Yourself

Weekly meal prep is really an art. It took me a very long time to get super efficient with how I prep. In the past it would literally take me a full day to do weekly meal prep and quite frankly I was absolutely exhausted after finishing. Not only that I watched much of the food I prepped go to waste as I made too much. Give yourself a break, this will take time to get the hang of. But that is exactly it, don’t give up! Keep practicing and figure out what works for you and your family!

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