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Hell No I Won’t Go…Without Makeup!

If you’re reading this article, like me, I think of the gym not just as my opportunity to get in a great workout but also as my social outlet.  So, to be seen on the “scene” as anything other than my best face forward is not an option!  Let’s face it, some boutique studios are even promoting themselves as the new night clubs, like the cycling franchise Cyclebar who offers live DJ’s and music videos to rock out your workout.  I wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup at the club– you never know who you may run into?

Your Skin Needs to Breath

So, being a fitness enthusiast, trainer, beauty junkie and aesthetician, I know that wearing heavy makeup while working out is not highly recommended when it comes to maintaining healthy, unblemished skin.  Sweat, minus the use of makeup or topical products can actually be good for the skin.  Think of the skin as your largest organ and sweating is a way of detoxification—As long as you are keeping the surface of the skin clean and free of toxins.  Just as easy as the skin sweats or “breaths out,” the skin absorbs or “breaths in”.  But, I want to look my best despite the risks!  I see you in class, I know you do too!

Whether you are prone to breakouts or not, the American Academy of Dermatology says using oil based moisturizer or foundation can trap sweat under the makeup and not allow your skin to breath.  This will clog pores causing acne, blackheads, whiteheads, or even cystic acne from the build up of bacteria under the skin.  In addition, using other makeup such as powder or blush can further cause issues as they lock or even add more bacteria to the skin.  And, to top it off, that mascara?  Mascara is one of the most bacteria harboring make up products we own.  As we sweat those raccoon eyes are doing far more damage than just making us look like a hot mess!

“I Woke Up Like This?”  NOT!

So how do we put our best face forward, feel as confident in our skin as we do in our ability to kick some butt in our next class?  Because we all know, the more we are kicking a$$ in class, the more eyes are on you watching to see just how we do it so well.

If you cannot bear to go bare, here are some great tips and products to look your best and keep your skin safe while working out.

  • Use an Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer Instead of Foundation
  • Try Tinted Sunscreen that is Oil-Free
  • Conceal Blemishes with a Spot Concealer vs Full-Face Foundation
  • If you are using Foundation, make sure it is Oil-Free
  • Powder Blush that contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide vs Cream Blush
  • Water Proof Eyeliner and Mascara are a Must
  • Setting Sprays can be helpful for keeping Make Up intact pre sweat sessions and will help Re-hydrate skin post

If you are like me and Queen Beyonce’s “I woke up like this,” just doesn’t translate to the gym, check out more specific products here specifically designed to wear while working out!