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Getting in Shape, Where do I Even Begin?, you want to get in shape, but find yourself questioning, ” Where to do I even begin?” You are not alone! If you are new to the fitness world or simply have been out of practice for far too long, it can be plain overwhelmingly to think about how to actually get into shape.

Well, here are a few simple steps to help you begin your journey to a healthier you:


Begin your journey to a fitter you by simply walking. Walking is a great low-impact exercise that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. Start off slow, aim for a 20-30 minute walk around the neighborhood each night. As you begin to feel more comfortable push yourself to walk a little faster and go a little farther.

Basic Body Weight Exercises

You don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. There are tons of exercises you can right in your living room. Best of all no equipment is needed! Some great basic exercises to start with include; squats, lunges, plank, and push ups. Learn more about each of these exercises and how to do them with proper form here.

Group Fitness Classes

Make fitness fun! A great way of making fitness more fun is to find a group fitness class that you actually enjoy. Dread the thought of running or cycling? Skip ’em! Find something else that you look forward to doing. Some of my favorite group fitness classes for fitness newbies include; Zumba, Reformer Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga, and Boxing.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s incredibly important to realize that you are on your own fitness journey. Avoid comparing yourself to others. It’s great to be inspired by others, but never compare. This simply will lead to negative thoughts about yourself and your current level of fitness.

Set Realistic Goals

Goals are an extremely important way to stay motivated. Work towards something. However, make sure your goals are attainable. For example, setting a goal of losing 30 lbs in a month is completely unrealistic for most of us. A more realistic goal, however, would be to always take the stairs, or be able to run one mile without walking.

Develop a Routine

We all have some sort of daily routine whether we realize it or not, and this routine is powerful. Begin to make your workout simply part of your daily routine. For example, every night after dinner go for a 30-minute walk or every day before work you hit the gym for an hour.

No Excuses

Making excuses to not go to the gym or to skip that group fitness class are far too easy to make. No more excuses. The next time your brain starts to make excuses to skip your workout, simply say no excuses and just do it.

Get a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy is a great way to stay on track and stay motivated. Having a friend to workout with not only makes it more fun, but it also means that someone else will hold you accountable for getting your workout in.

Baby Steps

When it comes down to it, try not to feel overwhelmed by the thought of getting fit. Instead, simply take small steps towards a healthier you!

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