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No Gym Clothes Needed

It is a far too common excuse, “Oh no, I forgot my gym clothes, now I can’t workout!” Well, I am here to bust that excuse! There are tons of things you can do without gym attire that will still help you get your workout in. Yes, I also do understand that many gyms actually require gym attire, so here are some simple tips to skip the gym all together while still getting in your workout sans gym attire. Oh and keep in mind you will have to deviate slightly from what you had planned for, but any workout is better than none!

No Gym Clothes Needed Workouts


It really is that easy. Instead of hitting the gym hard for that sweaty session opt for a walk instead. Yes, just walk! Walking is fantastic for us and can help decrease your risk of developing many potentially serious diseases, aids in weight management, improves energy and mood, and helps with balance and coordination. The health benefits of walking are truly endless and best of all this form of activity is 100% free and no equipment is needed! Just walk!

Basic Body Weight Exercises

Go back to the basics and think lunges, squats, push ups, planks, etc. Create a little circuit workout with just body weight basic exercises. Example; 30 squats, 15 lunges on each side, 60 seconds of planking, 10 pushups, recover for 2 minutes and repeat two to three times. And boom! You just got a killer full body workout without needing special workout attire. Be sure to read our article “Fitness Basics” to learn more!


Stretching and mobility work can literally be done in any environment and in any attire. Here are some simple stretches and mobility exercises that can be done right from your desk at work:

  • Forward fold

  • Across the body shoulder stretch

  • Shoulder rolls – forward and backward

  • Chest expansion

  • Wrist flexion
  • Seated spinal twist

These are just a few that can be done right from your desk, but the possibilities are truly endless!

So, the next time you make the excuse to skip your workout because your forgot your gym bag, consider your excuse busted and head to plan B by opting for one of these easy workouts that can be done sans gym clothes.

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