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Fitness Fashion – Make a Statement

Fitness fashion has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years!  From the few big players like Lululemon and Athleta, many new designers have emerged stepping up not just the game but also the glam.  Designers are now creating looks that are equally workout sustainable and street- worthy!

But the latest trend coming from designers is the “Phrase T”.   It’s all about making a statement! The “Phrase T” is a T-shirt or Tank with a printed slogan on the front.  The slogan is a hip or edgy play on words relative to fitness and real life.  For example, designers Spiritual Gangster, Carbon 38 and Private Party are creating athletic casual wear with bold statements like:



“Eat, Pray, Hustle”

“Namaste All Day”

 “Champagne Campaign” and, my favs

“Spin Class & Chill”

and “Cardio Junkie!”


Even large retailers like Target and Kohls are getting into the “Phrase T” craze!

constantly-varied-gearSo, where can you get these trendy T’s?  If you’re at all on social media, there are several pop-up companies advertising on Facebook and Twitter.  Most of these are less expensive, lower fabric quality, basic screen-printed T’s or tanks.  I have even seen slogans printed on leggings and gym bags.  Constantly Varied Gear and The Fitness Tee Co are great for these out of the box designs.  But if you’re looking for designer quality my favorite site, and somewhat of a fitness fashion addiction, is Carbon 38. lists all the major design players in fitness fashion and accessories.  Definitely a little more spendy but well worth it in terms of long term wash and wear.


So if you want to make a statement at your next spin class beyond just your performance, what will your attire say about you?

Be bold!  Make a statement!