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Fabletics Fitness Fashion, It Really is Fabulous

From one fitness junkie to another, we are always in search of the most stylish, but functional workout gear. While this may sound like an easy task, it is definitely not! I am constantly on the lookout for well-made workout gear that is cute enough for me to wear while I run errands before a gym sesh or to grab some eats after a hard workout.

Fabulous Fabletics Fitness Fashion

Recently I decided to try out Fabletics, haven’t heard of it? This is Kate Hudson’s new line of clothing focused on stylish fitness gear for both men and women, that is high quality, but still affordable. This apparel can be ordered online or by visiting a storefront. What is unique about this brand is that there is a special online VIP membership and if you register to be a VIP member you receive a huge discount on your first online order. You will also take a quiz to help Fabletics determine your style and they will customize your outfits on a monthly based your personal style. However, VIP membership is not required, anyone can simply visit the website or visit a storefront to purchase any items they like.

The Fabletics Catch

The catch, because there always is one…for online VIP members, every month an outfit will be chosen for you in which you can choose to buy or opt out of. This will occur during the same time period every month and you are given 4 days to make your decision. However, if you are like most of us and forget to log into your account to decline your chosen outfit, you are still charged $49.95. This charge will go on your account as a credit, in which you can use for future purposes. You can learn more about the VIP membership here.

Is It Worth It?

I have only been an online VIP Fabletics member for one month, but I was incredibly happy with my first order. I received a pair of printed leggings, a sports bra, leg warmers, and workout tank. Everything was incredibly well made and was super cute. I would highly recommend trying Fabletics out if you are looking for high-quality workout gear that is reasonably priced.

*Keep in mind I have used these products mainly for low-impact workouts like yoga and barre, so these items may be quite different if used for high-intensity workouts.