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Workout Makeup, Put Your Best Face Forward

Flawless vs Hot Mess

We all have seen that girl who looks flawless after the same workout that made us look like a hot mess!  So instead of being social with workout pals, you bee-line, head down to the locker or right out the front door while she hangs out laughing and reviewing the workout. Even with her beautiful glisten, she still looks like she never sweats.  What is her secret?  Is it a product she is using or does she just not sweat?

If this is you do NOT be ashamed!  One, sweating is good for you. Sweating is detoxifying to the skin.  If you are wearing no makeup, or the right type of makeup, oil-free, you can still purge the skin without clogging the pores and risking breakouts or acne.

So what is the right type of makeup? As mentioned above and in the article “Hello No I Won’t Go…. without Make Up,”  there are many tips to putting your best face forward. And if you’re like me, who has suffered from a life-long acne, resulting scarring, and sunspots, make up is my safety mechanism to even going out in public let alone the gym!

So, what specific oil-free products can we safely and effectively wear to the gym?  And, what makeup will actually survive a real sweat session?

Specific products that are safe and effective:

Tinted Moisturizer, Sunscreens and BB Creams such as Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30. At $44.00 for  1.9 oz that can only be purchased at a department store or makeup counter, Nars is a pretty pricey product  just to wear for a workout.  If you are on a budget and have a local drug store or Target the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Work It line is just at good.

Makeup Designed with your Work Out in Mind

So, admittedly I have tried just about every “long lasting” foundation, concealer and blush known to man.  All have done the job.  Most “water-proof” mascaras truly will withstand the sweat and humidity of even the hottest summer outdoor workout.  But, I always question if it is actually good for my skin?

Rae Cosmetics is a new line of makeup that is specifically “Created to take the heat like the women who wear it”!  #CreatedToTakeTheHeat– They tout, “This sweat resistant makeup is as tough as you are”!

Rae Cosmetics is an innovative line of mineral-based makeup specifically created for women with active lifestyles, who want beauty as well as performance from their products.  Light-weight, heat-resistant, long lasting coverage which doesn’t crease, cake or smear while at work or play. It’s also formulated with nutrients and anti-oxidants to keep skin healthy, protected and glowing.

So, don’t sweat it!  For your next big workout try the Rae Cosmetic line or any of the products recommended. Feel confident and self-assured, that you are putting your best “face” forward!