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Wait, What’s in That Cocktail?

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month and in honor of this, I want to chat about some of the best and worst cocktails for you. When I say best and worst, take this with a grain of salt as I am primarily focusing on cocktails from a caloric standpoint. Meaning, which cocktails have the lowest calories and which have the highest.

Here are Some of the Best or Lowest Calorie Cocktails:

Martini – 176 Calories

Paloma (Sans sugared salt rim) – 166 Calories

Gin and Diet Tonic – 148 Calories

Vodka and Diet Soda – 96 Calories

Champagne (4 oz) – 90 Calories

Kahlua and Coffee – 91 Calories

White Wine Spritzer – 50 Calories

**Important Note – Calories will vary by how many ounces of each drink you are consuming, meaning smaller glass = less calories. 

Worst or Highest Calorie Cocktails:

White Russian – 450 Calories – This is made with heavy cream and really packs in the fat and calories!

Pina Colada – 300 Calories – Packed with artificial flavors and sugar

Long Island Iced Tea – 430 Calories

Margarita – 500-700 Calories

Frozen Daiquiri – 500-600 Calories

Rum and Coke (Any mix drink made with regular soda) – 250 Calories

In general, before ordering that cocktail, think about what is in it…Is it packed with artificial flavorings and sugar or is it a basic cocktail that only contains alcohol and a low/no calorie mixer? Normally, the less ingredients your cocktail has the better it will be for you when it comes to calories. Before grabbing that margarita on a hot summer day, ask yourself…would I rather eat 700 calories or drink them?