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VS Sports Bras, it Doesn’t get any Better

My Love for VS Sports Bras

Ladies, we all know that choosing a sports bra is an incredibly important decision because they are definitely not all created equally…some have cups built in, some have removable cups, some have zippers in the font, some have clasps in the back…it’s endless! If you are like me you probably have a particular style and brand of sports bra that you have found is the best for you. Well, my pick is Victoria’s Secret sports bras.

What’s so great about them?

The Fit

I love that you get to choose your band size and cup size. This helps to ensure a properly fitted sports bra, versus those that you see oh so often that come in standard S, M, L, XL, etc. It’s only logical when you think about it…if you regular bra comes in specific sizes why should you sports bra be an exception?

The Cups

One of my biggest pet peeves with sports bras are those that have the removable pads…they bunch, they get lost, and the are just plain annoying! I love the built in cups that you will find in most Victoria’s Secret bras. These cups give your lady lumps a nice shape and maybe even a little push up. Honestly, why shouldn’t your girls look good while you are working hard?

The Price

While these bras are not super cheap, they are still affordable and if you ask me well worth the $50-$60. Let’s be honest, how many of us pay that much for a regular bra? Well, your sports bra should be even more important as its main job is to provide additional support for your ladies when you are working hard.

The Style

Not only do these bras fit perfectly, keep your girls lookin’ good, and are affordable, but they are super freaking cute! There are tons of styles and prints to choose from, as you will find bras with or without cups, different style enclosures (front and back), fun and wild prints, and much more.

You heard it here, go grab a Victoria’s Secret sports bra today…and you will be hooked!