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Vegetarian-Friendly Fast Food Restaurants

We have all been there where we need to grab something on the go and we look to fast food for a quick meal on the go. However, finding vegetarian fast food options can be extremely difficult as most of the time everything contains some sort of meat. Leaving vegetarians to choose from carb loaded and nutrient scarce options like fries.

Check out our top picks for vegetarian-friendly fast food restaurants:

Taco Bell– Anything on their menu that contains ground beef can have black beans or refried beans substituted instead. Meaning, a good portion of their menu can be made vegetarian-friendly.

Burger King – Their vegetarian options are very limited, but their veggie burger is a great choice. You can even save some calories by ordering it sans bun and with a side salad in place of fries.

Culvers – In addition to a veggie burger, you will also find vegetarian-friendly soups that can be substituted in place of french fries. Their Garden Fresco Salad is also a light veggie friendly option.

Chipotle – This is by far one of the most vegetarian-friendly fast food restaurants. Their menu is loaded with veggie burritos, tacos, salads, and bowls. Their veggie options come with sofritas, which is shredded tofu braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, and a blend of spices.

Just Because it’s Vegetarian Does Not Mean It’s Healthy

Keep in mind, just because a menu item is vegetarian-friendly this does not necessarily mean it’s healthy. Always check the nutritional value of any menu item before ordering. This information is now readily available for almost any fast food restaurant by visiting their website. Do your homework and make smart choices even when grabbing something quick on the go. Fast food gets a bad rap, but there are healthy options. It is up to you to order smart and order healthy.

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