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Using Raw Local Honey to Treat Allergies Naturally

Many of us experience outdoor seasonal allergies and when that season begins, you know the feeling…itchy red eyes, scratchy/itchy/sore throat, congestion, sneezing, wheezing, etc. Meaning, you are just plain miserable! I am no stranger to seasonal allergies. Living in Minnesota my allergies are always at their worst in spring when flowers, trees, and plants begin to bloom. For many many years, I have been experiencing allergies that worsen every year. However, this year my allergies (knock on wood) have been non-existent! I have not moved, I have not decreased my time outdoors, I have not changed anything except one small thing…for the past year, I have had a spoonful of raw local honey every single day.

Why Raw Local Honey to Treat Allergies 

Regular honey you buy from the store will not work the same. If you are going to venture to try using honey to combat allergies it needs to be 1. raw and 2. local. The reason why is eating raw local honey is similar to the idea of receiving allergy shots. These allergy shots expose an individual to what is causing their symptoms in small doses, thus making them more immune to these triggers. Raw local honey is thought to work in the exact same way, however, instead of shots, you can simply enjoy a little of this natural sweetness in the everyday foods you consume. However, it needs to be local. When you consume local honey you are consuming local pollen which is causing allergies to flare up. It also needs to be raw. Raw honey is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. If you have never seen raw honey it does not look like the syrupy honey you are used to, it is thicker and a golden yellow color.

Does it Really Work?

Doctors and scientist are skeptical of using raw local honey to treat/prevent allergies, but I can speak from firsthand experience, that it 100% worked for me. I am outdoor allergy free and all I do is enjoy one spoonful of raw local honey each day.

Where to Find Raw Local Honey?

Finding raw local honey is going to really depend on where you are located. I buy mine from a small mom and pop shop in a very small town near me. I would recommend checking your local farmers market.

Tips for Enjoying Local Raw Honey

Raw honey can be used in place of pretty much any sweetener. Some of my favorite ways to use raw honey include:

  • In my morning coffee to sweeten it up a bit
  • Baking – swap out sugar for honey (do your homework first for specific measurements)
  • Mixing a little in with plain Greek yogurt for a tasty snack

The possibilities are really endless! Remember you only need a small amount of raw local honey each day, about a spoonful. It also takes time, for example, if you are like me and have spring allergies begin to ingest honey on a regular basis at least 6 months prior to when your allergies normally begin. I would also recommend continuing to enjoy honey each day every day to continue to prevent/treat allergies.

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