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Use Your DNA to keep the Carbs Away?

If you have taken The Cracker Test, I am sure you are wondering if there is any truth to this, what seems to me, “silly test?”  According to world- renowned physician, scientist, neurogeneticist, Dr. Sharon Moalem, states in her book The DNA Restart, through a simple test you can unlock your genetic code to successfully losing weight.  Moreover, eating accordingly to your genes you can lose more than unwanted pounds but even reverse the signs of aging!



Lose weight and reverse the signs of aging?  Who doesn’t want that?!?

Once you have taken the 90-Second Cracker Test you will know if you are:

  1. High Tolerance or Full                     Daily Intake of Carbohydrates should be 50%
  2. Medium Tolerance or Moderate    Daily Intake of Carbohydrates should be 35%
  3. Low Tolerance or Restricted           Daily Intake of Carbohydrates should be 25%

Here is how it breaks down in weights and measures for Men and Women:

Women                                                      Men

  1. Full                                250 grams                                                 325 grams
  2. Moderate                      175 grams                                                  230 grams
  3. Restricted                    125 grams                                                   165 grams

*Assuming a 2000 kcal Intake for Women

*Assuming a 2600 kcal Intake for Men

So how can eating a cracker determine your genetic code?  Pretty far leap to make without some scientific backing.

During the Cracker Test, the amount of time it takes to break down the cracker from a bland taste to a sweeter taste (taste sense levels vary on genetic makeup) represents the bodies ability to produce the enzyme Amylase.  Amylase breaks down starch in simple carbohydrates which the body can then use for energy.  The faster you break down starch, the more amylase you have present or better stated, more genes to produce amylase.  Even better stated, and the theory behind your recommended amounts of daily carbs, the more amylase or genes present, the more carbohydrates you can break down or metabolize for energy.  Excess carbohydrates metabolized into simple sugars are stored with fat for future use.

What does this mean for weight loss?  

If  we are not continuously storing excess sugar in our fat cells we theoretically will maintain weight.  Conversely, with a reduction of excess sugar storage, we can tap into stored sugar and fat for energy. For most, this should equal weight or at least inch loss.  Particularly when adding exercise into this equation!

Makes sense right?

So, my curiosity is peaked about how we can use this information for our diet but available research without reading Dr. Moalem’s book is limited.  We all know all carbs are not created equal.  Does our genetic disposition affect the types of carbohydrates we are able to process?  And, reverse aging?  Well, it seems pretty basic to say overeating, in this specific instance, carbohydrates, stresses the body.  Stress then creates many other hormonal and enzymatic processes that can break down our cells or genes therefore “age” the body.

There has to be more to this concept.  Are there other tests similar to the cracker test that can help guide our intakes of fats and proteins?  Are there specific breakdowns to eating to restore cells and “reverse the aging process” as the book proclaims?

According to Dr. Moalem, her book provides a “Unique, 28-day plan to show you how to determine the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fat needed for your individual genetic makeup. 

I guess the best way to find out is read the book!

The DNA Restart book can be found on many sites including the book’s official website, and as well as for those who prefer an audible version.

Stay tuned for updates on my experience with The DNA Restart!