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Top 4 Health, Fitness, and Wellness Podcasts

Here are 4 Health, Fitness, and Wellness Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now:

The Model Health Show

health, wellness, and fitness podcasts

This is personally my favorite podcast that focuses on health and wellness. The podcast is hosted by Shawn Stevenson and he has one of the smoothest voices to listen to. He is highly entertaining while still putting the time and energy into finding scientific research to back up any claims that are made during the show. The show is of very high quality production and Shawn presents topics on his show in a very objective way. Meaning, he aims to give you the information that is out there so you personally can make more informed choices. It is very common for him to have guests on the show that vary from medical doctors to experts in specific fields. So much love for this guy and his podcast. Go listen right now!

Ben Greenfield Fitness

health, wellness, and fitness podcasts

Ben Greenfield is a bit on the edgy side and is not afraid to delve into his sex life while on air and throw out some curse words. He is very entertaining to listen to and comes across in a very real and relaxed manner. He is an extreme athlete and regularly gives advice on supplements, diets, etc. from his own personal experience. His shows tend to focus on several topics during each episode and the production value of his show is high and he is very easy to listen to.

Revolution Health Radio

health, wellness, and fitness podcasts

Hosted by Chris Kresser this podcast focuses on bringing on experts in the field to help debunk common myths in health, fitness, and wellness. This podcast is not quite as objective as others you may find, but the experts on the show help to give information that is scientifically backed to help you make more informed choices.

Dr. Ruscio Radio: Health, Nutrition, and Functional Medicine

health, wellness, and fitness podcasts

Disclaimer with this podcast, this is not one that is meant for entertainment! This is a great podcast for learning more about the most recent scientific research that is out there focusing on health, wellness, and nutrition. The podcast involves Dr. Ruscio objectively explaining new studies that have just been released and their findings. Meaning, in every episode he will go through several new studies and explain the study and what they found. If you do not have access to scientific journals this is a great podcast to get an idea of the research that is currently out there to help you make more informed choices.

How Were These Chosen?

I selected these four podcasts as they are my personal favorites. I love them for several reasons, but you can take a look at my criteria below for listening and loving podcasts.

Podcast Checklist:

  • Can I listen to this person? If the host’s voice is not smooth and easy to listen to I will turn off the podcast immediately.
  • Is it high quality? Again, if the audio is not perfect, like crystal clear, again I will turn it off immediately. I hate the way some podcasts sound like they are far away or have an echo, I can’t stand it!
  • Is it objective? I have nothing against podcasts that are bias or solely based on opinion, but I personally  choose to listen to objective podcasts. I want to know what research is out there and what it has proved or disproved. Then from there I can form my own opinion based on the research.
  • Am I learning something? My podcast time is my continuing education time. I expect to be learning something during every single episode.

I am always on the hunt for new podcasts, so if you have any that you really love let me know! Head over to our Facebook page and send us a message with your favorite health, wellness, and fitness podcasts.