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Thanksgiving – What’s in That Pie?

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means…pie! Have you ever stopped to think about what is in that tasty slice? If not, that’s understandable, as most of us view Thanksgiving as a day to indulge a little. Education is always good and it is also a smart idea to know what you are eating.

Here is quick overview of what is in the most popular pies:

Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving - What's in that pie

Apple Pie

Thanksgiving - what't in that pie

Strawberry Pie

Thanksgiving - What's in that pie

Pecan Pie

thanksgiving - what's in that pie

Cherry Pie

Thanksgiving - what's in that pie


Important Note – the nutritional values listed above are averages. Meaning, the nutritional content may vary from pie to pie. Other factors that may increase or decrease the nutritional value is the type of crust used, serving pie a la mode, slice size, etc.

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