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Thanksgiving – Don’t Gain!

Thanksgiving is almost here and we all know what that means…food! Massive quantities of food!

But how do we enjoy this tasty holiday while avoiding weight gain?

Here are a few simple tips to avoiding Thanksgiving weight gain:

Workout as Normal

Yes, that means on Thanksgiving morning you head out for your normal jog or you head to your local fitness studio to get your workout in before you begin preparing your Thanksgiving feast.

Plan Ahead

Do your best to prepare your Thanksgiving meal with as little leftovers as possible. You might be thinking, “but leftovers are the best part!” I completely agree, however, having those leftovers now means that your one day to feast has turned into several days of feasting…not good!

Know When you are Full

Be mindful when you are eating. Eat slow and listen to your body, it will let you know when you are actually full.

Drink Water

Drinking a big glass of water before your meal can help you to avoid over eating. There are a number of benefits to staying hydrated, but much of the time when we think we are hungry we are just thirsty.

Avoid Alcohol

On Thanksgiving day you are likely packing in way more calories than normal by enjoying those buttery mashed potatoes, warm buns, and gravy covered turkey so save yourself a few calories by skipping the alcohol. Alcohol has the power to pack in a ton of calories and sugar unknowingly. Wouldn’t you rather have that slice of pumpkin pie rather than drinking those calories?

Get Moving

After the big meal it is tempting to go lay on the couch and enjoy what I like to call a “food coma”. However, the biggest favor you can do for your body is to get moving. Try to find an after dinner activity that will bring the family together while helping everyone to move. Suggest a walk around the neighborhood or a game of touch football in the backyard.


Thanksgiving is just one day out of the year, so I encourage you to indulge! Reminder, it is what you do with those other 364 days of the year that really matters.