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St. Patty’s Day Cocktail – Kiwi Bellini

Your Go-To Green St. Patty’s Day Homemade Cocktail, The Kiwi Bellini

Let’s Make it!

4 kiwis
1 lime (juiced)
4 tbsp agave syrup
small bunch fresh mint

8 shots vodka
2 bottles prosecco

Tip: Go sans alcohol by omitting the vodka and using sparkling cider in place of prosecco

Slice of kiwi

1 Peel the kiwis & put them in a blender
2 Add the lime juice, agave syrup, fresh mint & whizz it all up into a liquid
3 Pour the liquid into a jug, through a sieve (to remove all the sediment)
4 Pour one shot of the syrup into a glass (over ice)
5 Pour in a shot of vodka
6 Top up with Prosecco
7 Garnish with A slice of Kiwi

Recipe Courtesy of our Friends at Bosh!

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