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Sports Bra or Strait-Jacket?

Thoughts Every Woman Has Had About Their Sports Bra

So, you have completed your workout and are feeling like a rock star. Now it’s time to shower and change. Well, you know what that means…your second workout is about to begin…trying to take off your sweaty sports bra. Anyone who has ever worn a sports bra knows the struggle of trying to get out of a traditional sports bra that you slip on and off over your head. Slip on maybe, but slip off? I don’t think so.

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Thoughts everyone will experience when trying to get out of a strait jacket, ahem, I mean sports bra…

“Maybe if I just change my grip up that will help…Nope definitely not…”

“Let me just try crossing my arms and pulling up…ouch, yep that’s not happening”

“Okay, I will try pulling one arm out through the bottom and it should just slide right off then …nope…and I am definitely stuck now…”

“I think a little dance and shimmy might help give me some leverage to get out…oh and maybe a little hopping, that should help! Nope now I just look like a crazy person dancing with one arm stuck through the bottom of their sports bra…”

“OMG, I am really stuck…”

“Do other people in the locker room notice how much I am struggling…I sure hope not…act casual…act casual…don’t look panicked”

“Would it be weird to ask that woman over there to help…? Yep, definitely weird, I refuse to be that weirdo in the locker room!”

“I cannot believe I am turning red and sweating from trying to get out of this thing…”

“Just breath it will be alright, I will just take a rest for a second to figure this out…”

“Victory!! I have escaped!”