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Smart Pants- Leggings that Guide Your Flow?

Did you ever think wearing “smart” leggings you could improve your yoga practice?

Wearable X, a NYC based fashion tech company, has brought together design and technology in a yoga legging that they say will improve the quality of life by providing a higher level of proprioception feedback from your clothing– thus increasing your mind-body awareness to movement.

The Nadi X legging has woven-in technology around the ankles, knees and hips that provides gentle vibrations that help guide your movement. “Nadi” is the Sanskrit term for the word “Flow”. As you move in and out of various yoga poses the vibration response will encourage you to make corrections to your postures. Note, you must be an iOS user and connect with the Nadi X app to these Bluetooth enabled “smart” pants.



As an avid yoga practitioner and instructor, I am eager to try these leggings to see if they really work.  If you are interested in trying these leggings you can sign up to be an XPerimenter here. FitScene fans– you tell us! Do these leggings improved your flow?