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Sculpt Lean Arms Without Lifting Weights?

Are you a cardio junkie and just cannot seem to find the time, energy or interest in lifting weights for upper-body strength? No Problem!

Johnny G, the creator of Spinning, a pioneer brand of  the indoor cycling workout, is making his claim on spinning or cycling using the upper body.  What used to be just an exercise prescribed for shoulder injuries by a physical therapist, “Kranking or Krankcycling” is the modern-day use of the UBE (Upper body Ergometer).  The UBE, however, looks like a dinosaur in comparison to the newly designed Krankcycle.

The inspiration behind the Krankcycle came from an experience Johnny had at a charitable event held by the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation.  At the event, athletes both able-bodied and challenged alike, road bikes with the same intensity and enthusiasm. The only difference was if they were using their arms or their legs!  Athletes with lower-body impairments rode hand bikes mounted to rollers. Johnny, always a revolutionary, was moved by what he saw.  And after kranking on the arm bike himself, he knew a modernized version of this hand bike could change the way not only able-bodied persons worked their upper bodies but, more important, open doors to include those who are not able to do exercise because of a lower body injury or impairment– All Inclusive Fitness!

The programming on the Krankcycle– Nothing short of genius! Cardio and strength built into one machine.  And a workout fashioned after or in conjunction with a cycling class set to music? Now we can get our cardio fix not just using the lower body but upper body or both in the same class!

Using the Krankcycle burns within 20% of the same calories as the same motion using the legs because of the size and amount of muscles used.  But, you can equally match Perceived Rate of Exertion and Heart Rate Response and use more core muscles to move or stabilize while Kranking. The Krankcycle also has the ability to build strength and hypertrophy with the use of variable resistance. This is a great way to cross-train your body and get a cardiovascular workout in while giving you lower-body a chance to recovery.  Or if you are suffering from a lower body injury, this workout may be the key to staying in shape while you rehab.

Big-box gyms and boutique studios alike are seeing the value of this upper-body cycle. Many are now including the Krankcycle group classes and personal training. So if you are looking to sculpt a lean, mean upper body, the Krankcycle just might be your answer.  Check out the site to find a location in your area!