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Running Essentials

So, You Want to be a Runner? Here are Your 5 Running Essentials:

1. Water!

A duh, right? But, water is extremely important especially on those long runs. There are tons of options when it comes to carrying water with you while running, but one of my favorites is the water belt (pictured above). This belt is really great because you can get belts the hold just two bottles or up to six bottles. It also includes pockets to keep running fuel and small personal items in and best of all you don’t have to think about holding your water bottle while running. They can be purchased at most sporting stores or running specific stores like Running Room.

2. Running Shoes

This will make or break your running experience. A high quality and a properly fitted pair of shoes will make a huge difference in how your entire body responds to running. Check out a store specifically focused on running and get your feet properly fit for a pair of running shoes. These specialty stores are great about recommending the brand of shoe, style, and size as well.

3. Moisture Wicking Clothing

If you run you are going to sweat, it’s inevitable. Get equipped with moisture wicking clothing, I suggest going from head to toe, or hat to socks, with this type of gear. After one long run in sopping wet cotton clothing, you will never make that mistake again as it is uncomfortable and can cause some pretty wicked chaffing.

4. Fuel

On those short 3‐5 mile runs you may not need fuel during the run, but on runs that are 6 or more miles, plan on taking some fuel with you. The type of fuel will vary from person to person as everyone’s body is unique. Some people prefer the gel or gummy fuels while others prefer a good ol’ fashioned piece of fruit. Try out a couple of different types of fuel before race day to figure out which type works best for you.

5. A Good Playlist

There is no doubt about it, music has the power to get you motivated and push you farther. Think carefully about the music you are selecting for you next run, you should aim to choose something that is at least 130 beats per minute. This will give you upbeat, fast tempo music to keep you on track and motivated.