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Planning an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and I encourage you to think about the environment while celebrating. This means reflecting on how much we tend to waste around this time of the year. Think of all of the disposable plates, napkins, and utensils being used at parties. The wrapping paper that was likely made from cutting down trees and will end up directly in the garbage. The “virgin” products we give as gifts. The additional lights left on for long hours.

These are just few examples of how our carbon footprint increases around the holidays, but the good news is you can do something about it!

Planning an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Gift Giving Responsibly

The holidays are that time of year to show your loved ones you care by gift giving. However, I would urge you to reflect on all of the stuff we all currently have. Most of our homes are cluttered with stuff. We have excess of everything. The last thing we need is more stuff to fill our homes. Think about what the recipient of your gift really needs, will use, and will value. Put thought into your gifts to ensure it will not just end up being more stuff to fill their home.


Make an agreement with our loved ones to only give and receive homemade gifts. This will increase the thought and sentimental value of the gifts. Some ideas include homemade bath bombs, citrus bath scrub, infused spirits, jam, salsa, macrame plant hanger, etc. Get crafty and creative!

Opt for Green Gifts

Select gifts that will help the receiver be more eco friendly. Options include giving stylish reusable napkins/towels, reusable water bottles, reusable food wrap, gift cards that support green organizations, etc.

Shop Green

There are tons of green companies out there that you can support when doing your holiday shopping. Do some research and aim to support businesses taking the steps to do business more green.

Reusable Products

Planning for a holiday party? Skip the disposable products. Plan to use cups, glasses, plates, utensils, and napkins that can be washed and reused.

Travel Less

The holidays represent spending time with loved ones, however, consider consolidating trips to decrease the amount you’re traveling. This might mean you hit up two parties in one day, but it is totally doable!

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