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10 Tips to Save More Money

Saving money is a challenge for many of us, as it seems that your paycheck is gone before it even hits your bank account. However, it is important for all of us to take a step back and look at our finances and where our money is actually going. There are tons of areas in our everyday lives where we can begin to save money.

10 tips to save money

10 Tips to Save Money

Limit Dining Out

Eating out is expensive. If you tally up your total spend on dining out for the month you will likely be shocked at how much you are spending. On average most of us are spending $230 per month eating out. This averages to a little over 18 meals outside of the home per month, which in my humble opinion is a pretty low considering many of us will eat out almost every day.

Aim to cut back on dining out to 1-2 times per week, your wallet will thank you!

Limit Drinks

Dining out usually involves drinks, whether alcohol or not, these drinks add up. When you do dine out opt for water to save some bucks.

Ignoring Wants

Far too often we buy things just because we want them, but do you really need them? The answer is normally no. Be more mindful to control your spending by determining if it is something you want or actually need. Aim to only buy things that are needed.

Drive Less

Not only is it good for the environment, but driving less can save you money on gas and potential car repairs. Walk whenever possible and always consolidate trips.

Buy Used

Instead of heading out to buy brand new items check your local thrift stores and the plethora of online shops where users can list gently used items for sale. More often than not you will find exactly what you were looking for a fraction of the price – score!

Oh and also the environment will thank you. Buying virgin (new products) is one of the worst things we can do for our planet.

Brew at Home

Begin to break your habit of grabbing a coffee on your way to work or throughout the day. This habit adds up fast, especially when you consider spending anywhere from $3-$5 per day on a coffee drink. That is $25 in a workweek and $1,300 per year spend on coffee.

Brewing your coffee at home will only cost $200 per year, depending on how much you drink. That is over a $1,000 per year saved just by breaking your coffee habit, wow!

Watch Your Thermostat

Be mindful of your thermostat and save on your monthly electric or gas bill. If you live somewhere that experiences winter avoid the constant running of your heat by keeping the temperature at a reasonable 68 degrees or even lower if you don’t mind layering up. In the summer opt to go without air conditioning whenever possible or keep it at a reasonable 75 degrees.

Turn it off

When not in use turn off your electronics and lights. Again, this will save you on your monthly utility bill.

Buy on Sale

Do your homework and watch for sales. Growing up my mom never let us buy anything that wasn’t on sale and that mentality still holds true for me today. Almost everything will eventually come on sale!


We live in a disposable world and not only is this horrible for Mother Earth, but we are buying items to directly throw in the garbage. You are literally throwing your money in the trash…who in the heck would wan to do that?!

Invest in reusable products that can be used time after time, such as:

  • Spray bottles that can be refilled with DIY home cleaners like a simple vinegar and water mix or thieves and water mix
  • Cloth napkins and paper towels – there is no reason that you need to buy disposable paper napkins and paper towels when you can invest in a cloth option that can be used over and over
  • Water bottles – I never leave home without a refillable water bottle
  • Mason jars – decrease on the amount of plastic storage bags by opting instead to store your kitchen essentials in mason jars
  • Makeup pads – invest in a cloth option that can be used many times

Save Money, Save the Planet

10 tips to save money

Not only is your wallet going to thank you for making a more conscience effort to save money, but most of the tips listed above are going to help our planet as well. Climate change is very real and every choice you make matters. Be the change. Save money while you help save the planet!

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