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Let’s Get Bendy With Flexibility Classes

Flexibility classes are a hot new trend in the fitness world. I know what your thinking, “Well, isn’t that just a yoga class?” The answer my friend is no. Yoga and flexibility classes are entirely different. How? Well, these new classes specifically focus on making you a bendier version of yourself and will not focus as much on the spirituality and mental side of yoga.

Types of Flexibility Classes

There are wide variety of classes available that aim to help you become more flexible. Classes you may find include:

  • Stretching – Classes specifically designed to stretch the full body. Relatively low impact, relaxing, and will focus on helping to lengthening your muscles. You can expect to have your balance challenged as well. In general, stretch class is good for all skill levels and you may find some similarity to yoga within these classes.
  • Flexbility – These type of classes are geared towards clientele with a goal of becoming more flexible. In general flexibility classes will be a little more intense than a basic stretch class. You may see handstands and various balancing exercising within these classes as well.
  • Splits and Legs – The name let’s you know exactly what to expect, an entire class geared towards improving your split and leg flexibility. These classes generally work with all skills levels allowing clients to use yoga blocks if they are less flexible and also challenging more flexible individuals to continue to improve their over split.
  • Contortion – This is by far the highest level of flexibility training that you will likely see. Generally, this type of class is not for all skill levels. Contortion is for individuals with a high level of flexibility that want to take it to the next level. You will see a unique variety of stretches, hand and elbow stands, and balancing exercising.

Important note, always read the class description before choosing a class to make sure it is the appropriate class for your skill level. Still unsure after reading the description? Call! Ask the instructor.

Where Can I Find Flexibility Classes?

Depending on your location the availability of flexibility classes will vary as this is a relatively new fitness trend. However, yoga, aerial, dance, and pole studios are beginning to offer more classes focusing on flexibility. So, get out there and get bendy with a flexibility class!

So, get out there and get bendy with a flexibility class! You may be surprised by how much stretching can challenge your body in a relatively low impact way.