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Jazzercise, That’s Still a Thing?

If you are like me, when you hear the word “Jazzercise” you are probably envisioning a bad 80’s workout, like the video posted above, right? Well, Jazzercise workouts are very much still alive and can be found in almost every major US city.

What to Expect

Like most of us I went into my very first Jazzercise class waiting to see a group of people in spandex, tights, and leg warmers jamming out to 80’s music.  The class, however, was structured like any other dance fitness class. If you take a Jazzercise class it will likely be set up the same as any Zumba or hip-hop dance class. The music will likely be modern tunes and the workout is generally set up to have you perform the same moves repeatedly until the next song comes on. The workouts will also vary by studio. For example, the studio I visited offered a number of classes, in which some focused on cardio and others were focused more so on toning. In general, you can expect to get a typical dance workout from your Jazzercise class.

My Thoughts

Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by Jazzercise. I guess I expected a more unique fitness class, but it was very comparable to any other dance fitness class I have taken. For me personally, I would not go out of my way to take another Jazzercise class. However, I would highly recommend Jazzercise for a fun way to get in some cardio, especially for those of us who dread cardio. Dancing is a great way to burn some major calories without even realizing you are actually “working out”. These types of dance fitness classes are also a blast when you grab a group of gal pals and spend your Friday night dancing the night away.