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Increased Comfort and Performance With Workout Gear Worth The Price

Is That Workout Gear Worth the Price Tag?

Raise your hand if you are a bargain hunter…You can’t tell but I am definitely raise my hand! I am always on the hunt for a good sale and it is very very rare to catch me paying full price for anything. However, one area where I sometimes do pay full price is on workout gear when it’s absolutely worth it.

Workout Gear That’s Worth it:


Whether you are a runner or cyclist, a good pair of shoes have the power to entirely change your performance and help keep your body feeling good even on those long grueling endurance training days. A good pair of shoes are not just essential for endurance athletes, but even for those of you who simply walk a lot or spend a good portion of your day standing. I urge you to go a local shop and talk to a professional. These little shops are everywhere and they can help you select the right shoes for your activities and daily life.

Sports Bras

Ladies, it is simple anatomy…we have boobs and let’s be real…they bounce, especially during exercise. In fact, did you know that your boobs actually make figure eights when you run? Your girls and your back will be thanking you if you invest in a good supportive sports bra. You can check out one of my favorite brands – Victoria’s Secret and why I am so in love with them here.

*Tip: Invest in just a couple nice sports bras, depending on how many days of week you work out. These can be hand washed in the sink – Saving you some dough!


One thing we don’t talk about nearly enough in fitness is our undies, which I find insane! Underwear really do matter when we are talking about any activities that are going to get you sweaty. It is 100% worth splurging a bit on some high quality moisture wicking feather weight underwear. Some of my favorite brands are seamless moisture wicking briefs by Under Armor and Champion.

***Important side not when it comes to undies, always change your underwear as soon as possible after working out. I know this sounds like a no brainer, but many times we get a workout in and then run errands leaving us to walk around in sweat soaked underwear for hours. Not good! Even if you can’t shower right away, always make it a priority to change your underwear after your workout***

Moisture Wicking Workout Clothing

For almost any exercise or activity moisture wicking gear is well worth it. There is no worse feeling than being dripping wet with sweat and experiencing some very unpleasant chafing due to it. This again is especially worth the splurge for runners, cyclist, and extreme sports junkies.

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