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I Love Wine, But I am Watching my Waistline

If you are anything like me, ending the day with a glass of wine and hot a bath is the only way to end the day right.  A nice soak in an Epsom salt bath to soothe those sore muscles with a glass of vino in hand, simply heavenly. Unfortunately, that glass of wine has the potential to pack in a hefty amount of calories, especially if you are not being mindful of how large of a glass of wine you are pouring. Again, guilty as charged my glass of wine is rarely the 5 oz. pour that is considered a serving.

So, ladies and gents here are some tips and tricks for being able to enjoy that nightly glass of wine guilt-free:

Watch The Serving Size

I have a tendency to use a large glass and consider that one glass a serving, when in all actuality I a probably have 2-3 servings, whoops! So, just remember that 5 oz. is serving, that is about a fifth of a normal bottle.

Mix it up

I am a quantity person and that tiny 5 oz. pour is just going to make me sad…so, I usually pour my 5 oz. of wine and then depending on the type of wine add some kind of carbonated zero calorie drink to it to make a spritzer! Spritzers are great because you are only consuming one serving of wine, but you get to fill the whole wine glass up and enjoy it guilt free.

Opt for White Wine

White wine tends to have a lower caloric value – keep in mind this is not always true…There are a number of great online resources out there that will tell you exactly how many calories are in that glass of wine. When it doubt I just do a quick Google search to determine how many calories are in my wine.  Do your homework first and know what you are drinking.

Check the ABV

The Alcohol by Volume percentage can give you an estimate of how many calories are in one serving of wine. In general, you should aim for an ABV between 9-12% which equals approximately 120-150 calories.

I Love my Wine and That’s Okay

It is okay enjoy that nightly glass of wine, but just make sure you plan for it. Know what your are drinking before you consume it.