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Hula Hoop Fitness – Get Your Sweat on While Having fun

Fitness no longer has to be boring. Hula hoop fitness is a hot new trend that will have you feeling like a kid again. One of the best things about hula hoop fitness is that it is fun! Not only will you have a blast while working out, but it is also challenging and definitely takes practice.

Hula hoop fitness classes are popping up all over the U.S. in various cities, but the best part about this workout is you can do it in the comfort of your own home. All you need is some space and a hula hoop and you are set!

Tips for Beginners on Hula Hoop Fitness:

Buy a Hula Hoop

Fitness hula hoops are a very real thing that you can purchase. Do not head to the kiddo aisle at your favorite local store and pick one up from the toy section. Yes, they are cheaper, but they will not be as effective as an actual fitness hula hoop.

Go for the Weighted Hoop

If you are primarily going to be using your hoop for solely fitness purposes, go for a weighted hoop. The additional weight in the hoop will make it more of a workout.

Bigger is Better

When you are first starting to hula hoop, opt for a large size hoop. The larger the hoop the more gravity will work with you, rather than against you.

Start With Waist and hip Hooping

Waist and hip hooping are the easiest ways to begin to learn to hula hoop. After you master this type of hooping you can move on to other things like leg, arm, neck, chest, and even foot hooping. Be patient. Hula hooping may look easy, but it definitely takes practice.

Work Those Abdominals

When you are first learning to hula hoop you will likely feel this in your abdominals and obliques by simply standing and hooping. After you begin to feel more comfortable with hooping you can begin targeting other muscles. Important note – when you first begin hooping you may bruise. This is completely normal, especially if you are using a weighted hoop.