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How to Stay Motivated to Workout

Many of us will resolve to get healthier and to start working out on a regular basis. Well, if you are like most of us you likely start off strong. Hitting the gym regularly, but as time goes on that motivation fades. You find yourself beginning to make excuses to skip your normal gym sesh and eventually you find yourself in old habits. Never going to the gym. Sound familiar? Believe me I get it!

Here are some simple tips to stay motivated to workout:

Mix it up

One of the biggest reasons you are likely losing motivation is boredom. Going to the gym and doing the same old workout every gym sesh is boring! Of course, you begin to make excuses to not go to the gym…it’s because it becomes overly routine. So, mix it up! If you are usually a gym goer who chooses to spend their time on the machines, try out a group fitness class. If you usually go to spin class, try a Zumba class instead. Whatever your normal routine is, try mixing it up, do something different, do something that maybe makes you a little uncomfortable.

Progress Pics

It’s easy to lose motivation if you feel like you are not making progress. Take weekly pics! You may not notice the progress that you are making, but taking photos can help you begin to see that all of that hard work is paying off.

Reward Yourself

I have read so many articles on how we shouldn’t use food as a reward…but I have to say, as someone who loves to eat, food is the best motivation for me. For example, after completing three HIIT classes in one week you should go ahead and treat yourself. For me it’s chocolate and those three HIIT classes are so worth it for that sweet rich goodness. Now, just remember don’t go overboard. Don’t undo all of that hard work. Enjoy a treat in moderation.

Make it Fun

So, running for an hour on a treadmill is not your idea of fun? In fact, do you dread it? Well, then find something else that you enjoy! The ways to get a workout in are truly endless, so do something you enjoy! Get outside and go for a long bike ride. Go swim some laps at your local pool. Go take a yoga class. Make it fun and enjoy your workout. Think you just hate working out? I think you just haven’t found the right workout yet. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

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