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Healthy Pizza, That’s a Real Thing?

But I Just Want Pizza….

The golden crispy crust, the cheesy goodness, and all the toppings you could dream up…Is your mouth watering yet? We get it…sometimes you just need to have pizza, but the good news is this can be done without throwing your healthy diet out the window. Yes, that’s right there is such a thing as healthy pizza, well healthier anyway!

Go Thin

Order the thin crust, it will save you a hefty chunk of calories.

Go for Lean Proteins

Pepperoni and sausage may be a tempting topping choice, but these are generally processed meats and they are loaded with tons of fat and calories, opt instead for a healthier choice. Go for the lean proteins like grilled chicken.

Load it up With Veggies

Veggies are a great choice when trying to keep your calorie count low, as most vegetables contain very little calories. Vegetables can also help to bulk up that pizza so you feel fuller faster.

Skip the Creamy Sauces

While a creamy alfredo sauce is delicious it usually packs double the amount of calories from a traditional tomato pizza sauce. However, if you just have to have that creamy alfredo sauce ask for light sauce, this can help make up for the difference in calories.

Say Cheese

While cheese is a basic foundation to every great pizza, save yourself some calories by going light on the cheese or try it with no cheese at all. You can also try going for stronger cheeses. These types of cheese will still give you that cheesy goodness flavor, but will allow you to go light on it without sacrificing taste.