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Get Outdoors, Get Active

For most of us the idea of exercising brings on a thought dread…the thought of sweating, feeling tired, and short of breath is not the most appealing thing in the world. So, why not take the work out of working out? Get outdoors and get active. It is a simple way to get some exercise without feeling like it’s work.

Get moving outdoors and make it fun by:

Taking a Walk

That’s right grab your pup or a group of gal pals and take a walk. With some good conversation and good tunes playing in your headphones, a 1-3 mile walk will help get you more active without feeling like you are actually working out. This can be your chance to enjoy the great outdoors while getting a little exercise at the same time.

A Day at the Beach

Depending on the weather, grab your beach bag and sunscreen and head to the beach. At the beach, there are countless opportunities to catch some rays and get some exercise. Get moving by going for a swim, playing a game of beach volleyball or take a light jog in the sand.

Planning a Hike

Pack a bag full of healthy treats, plenty of water, and plan a hilly excursion in the great outdoors. Intimidated by hiking? Well, want to know a secret…hiking is just walking. Get ready to enjoy a beautiful day outside as you explore the outdoors and get some exercise! Oh, and did I mention, climbing hills are a great way to burn some major calories.

A Day at the Park

Grab a group of friends and plan a day at the park. Feel like a kid again as you play frizbee, hula hoop, or even climb the jungle gym. Pack a healthy picnic lunch and spend the day playing with your friends like you were kids again.