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Foot Health Awareness Month – The Runner’s Guide to Foot Care

April is Foot Health Awareness Month. In honor of this, I thought I would give a shout out to all the runners out there by giving some tips and tricks to caring for your feet. As runners, we are prone to many foot problems including everything from losing toenails and blisters to plantar fasciitis.

Here is a quick overview of the runner’s guide to foot care:


Socks are super important, especially for those long distance runners. Look for running-specific socks. These types of socks are normally made with moisture wicking material, have little to no seams, may provide additional arch support, and the thickness will be dependent on the weather in which you are running in.


If you are new to running invest in a good pair of running shoes right away. Bad shoes have the power to create a ton of foot problems and can end up affecting the rest of your body. Visit a running specialty store and they will be able to properly fit you for a good pair of running specific shoes.


There is tons of information out there on properly lacing your shoes. As a marathon runner, I have always just stuck with traditionally lacing my shoes and that has worked well for me, but everyone is different. Check out some variations on lacing your shoes dependent on the type of foot problems you are experiencing here.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is one of the most common foot problems runners will experience. It is normally caused by overtraining and not properly stretching your calf muscles. A stabbing pain in the foot is normally felt when taking your first steps in the morning. This discomfort is caused by the tearing of the fascia in your foot and these small tears can cause inflammation. Treatments can include taking anti-inflammatory over the counter medications and physical therapy. When it doubt go get checked out by a physician and receive a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

When it doubt, if you are new to running or an experienced runner, your feet are incredibly important. Give them the attention they deserve and care they deserve.