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Foam Roller – Every Muscle’s Best Friend

Oh, that dreaded feeling of climbing stairs after leg day…willing yourself to take that next step ever so carefully while your muscles ache and burn. Well, like a superhero to the rescue, the foam roller is here to help!

The Foam Roller – My Superhero

The foam roller is one of my favorite tools to help treat muscle discomfort. Not sure what a foam roller is? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a piece of foam that can vary in size and is specifically used to help massage muscles.

Variations of foam rollers include:

  • Size – Width and height can vary
  • Texture – Ridges and bumps or completely smooth rollers
  • Material – Not all foam rollers are made of foam, some are made with harder plastic

What the Heck do I do With a Foam Roller?

You roll on it! It is really that easy. Grab your foam roller and simply start to roll out your sore muscles. Whether is your back, hammies, or even obliques the foam roller is to the rescue! Be aware, it may feel a little uncomfortable when you begin to roll out your muscles. However, it should never be painful.

Foam Roller Tips

  • In a wall sit, try placing your foam roller between your upper back and the wall and roll it up and down. Avoid rolling your lower back while in this position.
  • Place the roller under the backs of your thighs to roll the hammies. Work the roller all the way up to your glutes and roll back down.
  • Lay on your side and place the roller under your outer thigh. Using a foam roller may even help to decrease the appearance of cellulite – bonus!