Fitness Gadgets to Help Improve Performance

For Runners – Lumo Run This little gadget is a small clip that can be attached to the waistline of your bottoms while you run. What does it do? It monitors and analyzes your cadence, form, and then offers personalized coaching to help you reach your goals. While on your run the Lumo Run will provide auditory cues to help you maintain your target cadence. For Lifters – GYMWATCH Sensor Form is everything, right? Well, this little sensor can be worn on virtually any part of the body to monitor your form during every exercise. While wearing the sensor you will receive instant feedback on the quality of your movements. For the Girls – Sensoria Sports Bra + Heart Rate Monitor An innovative new way to provide your girls the support they need while monitoring your heart rate. This strap free heart rate monitor is located directly in the bra. The monitor comes with it’s own app to monitor and track your heart rate, but it is also compatible with some third-party apps as well. For Everyone – Hexoskin This biomechanic shirt is available for both men and women and comes in a variety of styles. These shirts come with a built-in Bluetooth recording … Continue reading Fitness Gadgets to Help Improve Performance