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Faux Hawk for Fitness?

Gym hair, don’t care?!?

Um, yes, I do!  As a fitness enthusiast, trainer, and beauty blogger I am SO SICK of the standard ponytail!  And, buns hun?  Unless you have a flawless face and perfect body, the tight bun is THE most lazy and unflattering hair style.  We can do better than this, right ladies?

For those of you, like me, looking to get out of the “gym class hair rut,” there is hope.  Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all have tons of tutorials for out-of-the-box hair do’s.  But, what if you don’t have perfectly straight long hair and it’s 5:30 am and you have little to no time to spare?

Well, this is me!  And I am determined to bring you tried and tested styles that will make you smile!  (Whoa, poet and didn’t even know it!)

I personally follow fellow beauty guru Abby Smith @twistmepretty for all my simple sweat styles.  Number one, she is so real.  Her quirky attitude makes me feel like if she can do it so can I! Number two, she has normal hair. Not all her styles are for hair extensions needed “I hate you,” hair.  She even does short hair tutorials as well!

My fav fit hair right now is the “Faux Hawk.”  Follow Abby’s step-by-step solutions to the stale solo ponytail here. And, pay attention to her game-changing insight on reversing your shower routine to add body and volume to dull damaged hair!

For more Faux Hawk hair styles you can read the Article #HotHawks.


Happy Hawking Everyone– Let’s start a new hashtag  #HotHawks!