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Exercise Boredom, The Motivation Killer

Exercise boredom, you know what I am talking about, that feeling when you dread doing your daily workout because you are simply bored of it. As a highly active person, I suffer from workout boredom just like anyone else. The difference between me and many others is I am constantly mixing up my fitness regimen. I will begin performing a certain exercise, like running for example, and stick with it for a while. Aiming to run three miles a day five days a week. While this is great for the body, it becomes incredibly boring. Boring to the point where I will make any excuse possible not to go running. Sound familiar? Well, that is when it’s time to mix up your routine.

Here are some easy ways to end exercise boredom:

For The Runners

Many of the runners out there are normally training for something very specific, such as completing a half marathon. Well, this involves following a training program, but let’s be honest following the same training program day after day week after week becomes boring. Many of us find that we don’t even look forward to our runs anymore and that means we need to mix things up a bit. Try going for a bike ride or take a fitness class designed for runners like Orange Theory Fitness. You can still condition your body to complete that race while mixing your workout routine up. Many training programs will even suggest cross training by having weight lifting days, rest days, and normal running days. Remember, it is okay to switch out your daily run from time to time with something completely new and different.

For The Spinners

Are you a frequent goer to spin class? Well, if you are in need of a fresh new workout try biking outdoors if weather permits, go for a jog, or go way outside of your comfort zone and try totally new group fitness class like Jazzercise.

For The Weight Lifters

If the weight room is your place of fitness heaven think about stepping outside the weight room and trying a group fitness class that focuses on using just your body weight to tone, tighten, and strengthen your body. Barre classes are a great alternative to get you out of the weight room and into a studio where you will use primarily only your own body weight to get an effective workout.

Mix It Up

Whatever your workout of choice may be, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and mix it up. Whenever you get that feeling of dread when you are thinking about your workout, it is time to try something new!