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Easy Ways to Track Fitness and Weight Loss Progress

Whether you are striving to be a stronger healthier version of yourself or you simply want to shed some pounds, we highly recommend tracking your progress.

Here are a few simple ways to track your progress, stay on track, and stay motivation:

The Scale

This one is kind of a no-brainer, using a scale. Weigh yourself before beginning your weight loss or get fit challenge. From there on out, aim to weigh yourself on a weekly basis. Be sure to track your weight in some sort of journal or by using an app on your phone.


The numbers on the scale don’t mean everything. To more accurately track your progress you should track your measurements. This simply involves using a measuring tape to measure various parts of your body including bust, waist, hips, butt, thighs, and arms. Again, be sure to write down your initial measurements and seek to remeasure every month.


Photos are a great way to visibly see your progress. Start by taking some initial photos and moving forward aim to take progress pictures every week. The progress visibly will take time to see, but your weekly photos are a great way to stay on track. When you start seeing progress it will make you that much more determined.


How are your clothes fitting? After beginning your fitness or weight loss journey measure success by the way your clothing is fitting. Are your jeans looser? Does that dress finally fit?


Are those workouts that were once impossible now doable? This is a sign that you are making steps to a healthier you by building up your endurance and improving your physical fitness.