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Dealing With an Injury

So, You’re Injured…Now What?

At some point we will all experience some kind of injury that will limit our ability to perform not only normal day to day tasks, but it will also put limitations on our normal workout. Frustrating!

As a very active person, I have suffered numerous injuries over the years as a result of some kind of physical activity and I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with an injury.

Here are Some Important Tips For Dealing With an Injury:

Get Checked Out

While it may be tempting to self-diagnose yourself, it is always best to visit a trained professional to receive a proper diagnosis. Depending on the extent of your injury this may be a trip to a sports medicine doctor or a quick trip to the chiropractor.  When in doubt, schedule an appointment with your general physician and they can refer you elsewhere from there.


As an active person, I hate this word…rest. It is so much easier said than done, but it is crucial when you are injured. Initial resting can prevent an injury from becoming a bigger more serious problem later on. Take the time and allow your body to rest and heal.

Again, consult a physician for proper diagnosis and recommendations for treating your injury.

Listen to Your Body

When your body is sending you signals of pain, stop. Listen to your body especially when you are injured. While we hear often that we should push ourselves in the fitness world…when it comes to injuries you should always error on the side of caution.

Get Creative

So, you have an injury and your doctor is advising rest. Well, consider where your injury is and how serious it is. For example, if you have pulled a hamstring muscle you may still be able to do upper body conditioning safely and comfortably from the comfort of your couch. Prop your feet up, grab some resistance bands and perform resistance training while resting.

Consult a physician for recommendations on working out while injured.